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Take The Hit!

Today, I was reminded to take the hit. There is nothing more explosively powerful that can bounce you off your spiritual equilibrium than when you not only take a hit from the outside but when you simultaneously take a hit from the inside.

Unexpected blows like these can leave one bamboozled and if you fail to regroup and come out of it quickly, it’s sting will penetrate its venom straight into your system leaving your spiritual senses numbed, desensitized, and paralyzed.

It’s crazy enough that we have our personal giants to slay, our public Goliaths to contend in addition to all the other gazillion things we have to face on a daily basis , but beware of the silent snipers hiding in the blind spots of life waiting to ambush.

The Bible tells us that we are NOT to be ignorant but AWARE of the enemy’s schemes and his devices; so learning the art of spiritual engagement is crucial for the believer. If we don’t stay vigilant, we can recklessly and carelessly walk straight into fields filled with pits, mines, and booby traps.

Satan cares nothing about us. In fact, he hates us so much because of how much GOD loves us that he will intentionally plant these spiritual assassinators in the most unexpected places while we are on our mission for the Kingdom.

But there is hope. Our loving Father did not leave us unprotected and naked. He didn’t leave us without artilleries to defend ourselves. He knew we would encounter opposition and evil.

Sometimes, it’s up close and intimate, and most times, these footmen come undetectable like ninjas. They have a form, a shape, and an appearance that camouflages and blends right in to our everyday surrounding making them not easily detectable. And so many of these agents can go unnoticed for long periods and come as close as rubbing shoulders, to eating out of the same pot with us, and to dipping bread in the same cup.

Other times, they come clothed in the lights of false humility and pretentiousness. Oh, they look like GOD. They sound like GOD. They work and move like GOD. But it isn’t GOD.

Then there are geographical snipers who send out arrows and javelins from afar. You don’t even have to know them but they know who you are and they are watching you from afar. And because they know you are coming, they will send out a storm in hopes that you will perish in the storm or by the very least be shipwrecked or delayed. Remember Legion.

These attacks can come from other cities and states and unless they are discerned and exposed through the lens of those super binoculars given by the Holy Spirit, you’ll be under fire and won’t have a clue how to douse them.

We are not fighting flesh and blood friends but the principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places. So while you’re busy fighting in the flesh, the enemy is gaining access and having an advantage over you.

Learn to take that warfare into the spirit realm and watch what the Holy Spirit will reveal to you. These demonic forces are pulling the strings behind the scenes and all they need are open vessels. When we will but have learned to separate flesh from spirit, it’ll be easier to see pass the person(s) and discern the spirit(s) operating behind it.

But make no mistake. Our spiritual armor operates from a spiritual position. Taking a celestial advantage require

s getting into the secret prayer closet to be alone with GOD and His Word. This posture removes you from the natural and that which is fleshy and plunges you straight into the atmosphere of the supernatural.

Until we study our spiritual armor of Ephesians 6 and develop and understanding of how to employ and exercise our weaponries, we will not gain a deeper and broader perspective on the engagement rules of the spiritual warfare we are truly immersed in. As a result, we will fight recklessly; like one that beats the air.

I love that my Savior didn’t leave us helpless but has given to us His precious Holy Spirit who will not only comfort but lead and serve as a Helper so we can finish out this race in victory!

Our spiritual armor is filled with so many super-gadgets, and only in Yeshua, are we equipped with all these spiritual blessings.

I’ve encountered the world to be a heartless, careless, ruthless and an evil playground, yet, I have found even a more sinister movement that hides behind the walls of religion and groups, and it shrouds under the veils of pretentiousness and skirts of pride. And this spirit has crept into the houses of the spiritually passive and slothful gatekeepers of GOD’s house where they build their nests in “His name” in hopes to remain undetected and unnoticed.

I pray the Holy Spirit exposes every agent, every arrow, and every assignment sent so that you can both see and know that we cannot survive nor thrive this journey without His help, His leading, His wisdom, His covering, His protection. We are sent as sheep among wolves who masquerade in sheep’s clothing.

Narda Goodson, 2021 Daily Doses Of Gospel PiLLs

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