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Virtual Concert Fast Approaching

A good and pleasant morning, everyone!

If you haven't already done so, please log into your accounts as soon as possible and at least one time before the event so that you can become familiar with the website and know what room you need to be in BEFORE the day of the event.

Please be advised that there no usher will be available on the day of the event to escort you to your designated place. So you must know what to do beforehand.

If you haven't done so, please follow these instructions: 1) Log into your account

2) Go to MEMBERS (just hover your mouse until the list beneath it propagates)

3) Select ROOMS

4) Once in the room foyer, select "Join" on the V.I.P. EVENT ROOM

5) Once you join, your status will read "Pending"

6) Give us a few minutes to "Approve" you entry

7) Thank you and see you soon.

Thank you,

Favvor Zone Team

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