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Wake Up The Word Within

Peter scurried down to the bottom of the boat where Yeshua was sleeping. In a panic fit, he wakes Him up, and like many of us today, he shouted the infamous words, "I'm drowning, Lord! Don't you care?"

Then the Master replied to Peter, "I've been right here, Peter. Why are you doubting? Where is your faith?"

How many times have we replayed this scenario? How many times have we found ourselves in a fire of desperation only to echo those infamous, faithless words over and over and over?

LEARN & DISCERN: Whether we put ourselves in the crisis we are standing in by making poor choices, breaking a principle, or whether someone threw us in, life happens to all of us.

Think about it. Peter walked, talked, and hung out with the Master but still did not get it. He did not get that Yeshua was already at the bottom of the problem. He was down where the troubled water would fill up first.

LIFE APPLICATION: The LORD never sleeps but the Word within can sit inside us in a comatose state. Wake up the Word within you! Begin to declare and decree what the Scriptures have prophetically declared. What you need is already living inside you. Wake it up!

Yeshua sits in the boat of life with us. He has anointed our mouth to speak to our storms and they must obey. Have faith. ~Narda Goodson, 2017 Daily Doses of Gospel PiLLs

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