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What Is Your Garden Of Life Producing?

A productive, healthy, and beautiful #garden is the result of proper care on a continual basis. It is not merely enough to maintain a garden when you feel like it, for behind its outer beauty, much activity is occurring.

While new #flowers are springing forth and roots are re-establishing, with each #growth spur, there are constant intruders trying to infiltrate its space. These invaders are part of the community and although they co-habit, they are very harmful to the augmentation and progression of its inhabitants. #Weeds, unhealthy #vines, unwanted #twigs, and wild flowers can be annoying neighbors, and if not detected and uprooted early, will choke the life out of your garden.

Our life is a garden and what we allow to co-habit with us determines our expansion. Our heart is like the #soil; this is the place where the #Seeds of Life are sown. Therefore, it must be #cultivated and watered continually in order for increase to take place. Healthy growth will never spring forth on hard, rocky soil because the sown seeds will never #germinate and take #root.

What is your garden producing? Do people see growth and increase or do they simply see their old familiar, annoying neighbors?

Tilt your heart towards the SON!

~Narda Goodson

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1 Comment

Hello Brother Neville it was a pleasure to be connected again to sister Narda and she has told me of the wonderful work you are doing may you and your family be bless always.

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