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Your Old For His New

Give God your old in exchange for His NEW! Our "old" is liken unto Linus' blue security blanket that brought him much comfort, security, and confidence.

However, his blanket was old, worn, dirty, smelly, and stained with the blues of the familiarity of his every day living, and so as a means of security, he never wanted to part with it. Linus became unglued and fell apart every time Lucy or Snoopy tried to snatched it away.

What is it that you are holding on to that causes you to become unglued? What is it that you won't "depart" with because "without it" you become frazzled, insecure, and uncomfortable? What is it that causes you to fall apart in fear and sorrow if "it's" taken away or no longer there? What is it that you are clinging to that replaces a true and bona fide faith and trust in God?

While this little blue blanket can mean or represent so many different things to us, in another view, it can be seen as Linus' source of the faith he so readily embraces and the very reason why he clings to it; for without it he can do nothing.

If your blue blanket is hindering your growth while magnifying fear, then your blue blanket must go? What does your blue blanket represent?

Trade in your old security blanket and God will weave an irreplaceable comforter filled with dreams and hope.

Something to think about!

~Narda Goodson, ©2012 Daily Doses of Gospel "PiLLs"

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